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June 2, 2011 / J. Shaw

Video-TSA Molests Mother, Citizen Harassed for Videotape

As I watched this TSA terror video I saw a woman screaming she had been molested TSA style. The woman, very distraught yelled for POLICE who did not show up. This was no act or stagged event. This scene was being caught on video by a bystander waiting for his parents to get off a plane.

The citizen with the Video camera was told he had to LEAVE, HE COUDN’T tape,  it was a special area. The video man claimed he was in a public area and was free to continue with his video. TSA argues with this man and then tries to find police to have him arrested.Near the end you will see again the woman who claimed she was molested and she is still in full battle with the TSA. The first thing our new president should do is immediately dissolve the TSA. SHAW


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