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May 27, 2011 / J. Shaw

Paul Ryan's Resume and Term Limits

I saw an article yesteday by The Daily Paul Ryan. Most of the article is below. The story contains facts about Paul Ryan’s backround. Ryan has a sold , well-thought out backround as you would expect from Ryan. The Daily Caller suggests that Ryan has been around DC a long time, a 7 term Congressman, and that fact might make conservative give thought to their wish for term limits. Conservatives still are against career politicians. Many still believe “the Founding Fathers intended people to come to Washington, serve their country, and  then go back to the farm.” Paul Ryan’s dc tenure hasn’t changed my desire for term limits at all. If there had been term limits, it wouldnt have taken Ryan 7 years to gain the stature he enjoys. As many Dems who stand in the way of balanced budgets and spending less were trem limitied out Ryan would have got his turn to straighten out this country’s finances. Barney Frank would be gone, Reid , Pelosi, Schumer, Boxer,Biden,Kohl,Murray,etc. would not have been in Ryan’s way. Ryan could have started his push for a financially sound U.S. years sooner. Ryan is smart enoughto see right off that things had to changed. And it is doubtful the term limited Dems would have been replaced with Dems equally as rigid on budget matters.

Term limits are the only way to change how Washington works. SHAW

From the Daily Caller….After graduating college in 1992, Ryan worked for former Wisc. Sen.  Robert Kasten, Jr. In 1995, he joined the staff of Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback. In 1997, he left Brownback’s office to work for  former drug czar Bill Bennett and former Rep. Jack Kemp as staff economic analyst at Empower America. In 1998,  he moved back to Wisconsin to run for an open seat in Congress. He won. Rep.  Ryan has been in his seat since 1998. He is a 7-term Congressman.

Ryan is only 42, but he has been honing his craft for nearly half his life — and that’s not counting his formal education. On one hand, Ryan’s fluency on  budgetary matters is incredibly impressive. On the other hand, it would be  disappointing if, after two decades, he weren’t knowledgeable. Many people come  to Congress and do not become experts, so give Ryan credit for working  hard.

Is there something to be said for experience? Wisconsin is a tough state, so  Ryan has declined to run for the U.S. Senate. By staying in the House for so  many years (whether by design or by necessity), he has honed his craft while  simultaneously gaining tenure. One could argue his influence as Chair of the  Budget Committee outweighs the impact he might have had in the U.S. Senate.

But his rising star might also make some conservatives reexamine how they  think about career politicians — and term limits…

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