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May 20, 2011 / J. Shaw

Palin: I do have the Fire in My Belly

By Adrienne Ross…… In reference to Governor Palin answering in the affirmative when Greta Van Susteren asked her if she had the fire in her belly to run for President in 2012, Good offers the Governor a Tums.  After reading this piece, I think I need the Tums.

Here’s what Governor Palin said to Greta:

I do have the fire in my belly. I am so adamantly supportive of the good, traditional things about America and our free enterprise system. And I want to make sure that America is put back on the right track, and we only do that by defeating Obama in 2012. I have that fire in my belly…It’s such a roaring fire in my belly to preserve and restore all that’s good about America…

Read what Anna Good published at The Daily Caller wrote about Governor Palin :

Sarah Palin recently told Greta Van Susteren that she feels a “fire in her belly” about 2012.

Let me be the first to offer her a Tums for that.


Now, I shutter at the thought of her being the GOP nominee in 2012. Palin is a likeable person to me, but as far as presidential material, please, GOP, I am begging you — don’t do this.

I am sure I will get scads of hate mail for saying I don’t want her to run, but she would be awful for the GOP’s chances of taking the White House back in 2012. If we put up a polarizing candidate like Palin, we are going to get destroyed.

Obama, for all his mistakes and faults, is still a far smoother politician than Palin. I know, her supporters like her down-home sense and that she isn’t polished, but that is not going to win an election and doesn’t even instill confidence in me about her ability to demand respect from the rest of the world. I don’t care if the rest of the world “likes” us, as Obama and his supporters did in 2008, but I do care that the rest of the world respects us.

First of all, since Ms. Good is so keen on smoothness, she might want to take note of the difference between “shutter” and “shudder”–but I digress.

Let me be clear: Good has every right to an opinion of who she wants and doesn’t want to run this country.  What I cannot abide, however, is when people make statements that they don’t feel the need to back up with substance.  The author gives not one iota of evidence to back up her claims about Governor Palin’s presidential viability.  She simply throws out her opinion, states it as fact, and expects we the people to follow along. We’re not. She’ll have to look to we the sheep for that response.

Her “don’t do this” appeal to the GOP is wasted.  What people don’t want is the establishment choosing our candidate for us.  The GOP elite has done everything in its power to derail a Governor Palin run.  They have attacked her, they have ignored her, and now they have dismissed her as a formidable candidate–and still the people are determined to select our own candidate.  And we will do so based on truth, not on talking points.

Anna Good uses the term “polarizing” to describe Governor Palin. I’ve heard the same adjective used as a beating stick against her too many times to count, so what exactly are people saying? It seems like the ‘P’ word gets tossed out there when people take umbrage at someone’s refusal to sit down, shut up, roll over, or play dead.  Women especially who have some fight in them are labeled “polarizing” because, of course, women aren’t supposed to be so firm.  Nonsense. If I were the Governor, I would wear “polarizing” as a badge of honor.

Look, there’s supposed to be a difference between light and darkness, truth and lies, common sense and absurdity.  Governor Palin personifies that difference, and some choose to call it polarizing.  More power to them.  In reality, she would better be termed galvanizing.  But they fixate on the polarizing meme to promote the idea that she doesn’t have it in her to bring people together, can’t work across the aisle, and therefore can’t win an election against President Obama.  Lies, all of it.  Perhaps that argument could be given credence if she didn’t have a record we can examine. In Alaska, she was certainly not obsessively partisan.  Her record indicates that she functioned with a clear commitment to ethics, transparency in government, and service.  It was for this reason she was simultaneously loved by all who respected what was right and despised by those who were corrupt, at best–regardless of Party affiliation.  It’s that firm, fearless commitment to what’s right for our country that America needs–and it’s the only thing that will defeat President Obama in 2012.



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