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April 27, 2011 / J. Shaw

BREAKING-Trump ON FOX/Trump Cut Off by Obama Speach! Details of IMPORTANT Trump Speech

I am now watching Donald Trump talk about Obama’s release of A Birth Certificate.

Something more important is happening at this press conference.


The press is peppering Trump with questions on many sibjects. Trump is doing something NO ONE has done before. If a member of the press askes a stupid or irrelevent question Trump is tellin the reporter “I am not answering that, its a stupid question.” or “That is not important.” Trump is framing the press conference not the media and not putting up with “Obama” reporters. I have waited my entire life for a GOP candidate ot president to take charge.

Trump is now asking why Obama wont release his college records from Oxidental College. Trump says he hears Obmaa was a bad student at Oxidental and other colleges and wonders HOW Obama got into Harvard.

Trump is lecturing the press on china, Opec, the gas proces in Iowa and how the people of this country is suffering.

NOW Obma has broken into the Fox broadcast with Obama talking about his birth certificate!  WHY NOW!  Obama is now criticizing Trump for asking for Obama recoeds and saying He, Obama can’t solve problems with people challenging him on trivial issues. He calims he doesnt have time. He has time for golf, vacations. Obama has to be questiones everyday by cpnservatives or Trump about the issues or the only message and voice on the media Will Be Obama propaganda of how things are improving.J


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