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April 27, 2011 / J. Shaw

Elmer Fudd Wins Conservative Nonination! Fox News Has the Election Wrong!

The following article by Chris Stirewalt is flat wrong. According to Stirewalt, The Conservative Party and the Gop Party don’t aleady have strong leading candidate out challenging Obama on the issues of the economy andenergy crisis, is that the right is AFRAID. The anti- democratic part groups are afraid if  they lose the election will mean the end of the country and the end of their parties. That would mean the Democrats would be in control FOREVER, the liberalization of America  can’t be stopped and the nation would be in ruins.

I agree that if Obama is reelected that the result would be the end of America as we know it, the collapse of our financial system but those are exactly the REASONS the right should quickly get a couple candidates out there campaigning and challing Obama on every aspect of his failed presidency. At present, Obama is on the campaign trail ALL by himself proclaiming a few new direstives and preparing America for continued high oil and food prices. Obama is also preparing America for more of the same. Obama has no new answers and intends to continues the directio he has this mnation moving in.

Now the GOP is acting like the old GOPAfarid to lead and hurt any liberal feelings. John Boehner has turned into BOB DOLE! There can be no business as usual on thei election. Snap out ogf it or we are finished.

The Tea PARTY needs to get its momentium back fast and lead the GOP in this election.

Yesterday Rush Limbaugh said that everyone is afraid to take on the liberals due to the type of attacks shredding Sarah Palin and her family. Well SO What! If we want an end to Obama and destruction of America, the Tea party that devastated the Dems last November and far out number the liberals must step forward now and TAKE OVER  and get on with the national debate on the future. As Limbaugh also said yesterday, the polls all show that  Obama is so hated that anyone, even d ELMER FUDD could win the 2012 election! I agree-GET FUDD out there and get it on. SHAW

 Article– One of the reasons that it has taken Republicans longer than usual to get into the starting positions for the 2012 presidential race is the growing understanding of the stakes.

Political pooh-bahs tell us that every election is “transformative” and “historic,” but the 2012 contest is certain to be those things. Considering the consequences of what defeat would mean to their party and the conservative movement in America, Republican candidates have shown some appropriate trepidation about undertaking a campaign.

As an aide to one politician who engaged in heavy flirtation before opting out of a presidential run put it, “If you screw this up, it’s not just your career; it’s the future of the nation.”

There is something bordering on solemnity among the potential Republican candidates. In fact, it is probably because of this sense of moral purpose among the serious candidates that Donald Trump has been able to captivate so many voters. While the rest of the GOP field is preparing for a holy war, Trump sounds as loose as a guy talking smack before a round of golf.

This is a substantial problem for the Republican aspirants. Holy warriors aren’t much fun (especially compared to model-marrying, billionaire casino owners). Voters may have a deepening sense of unease about the direction of the country, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to elect Cotton Mather.

We traditionally think of American politics as pendular – that like the pendulum of a clock, political trends swing to the left before gravity pulls them back to the right, and so on. The excesses that follow each victory lead to the next defeat.

There is no doubt that the corrective gravity of America’s moderate plurality punishes parties for excesses. Just look at the 2010 midterm elections in which voters smacked down Democrats for focusing on an unpopular health-insurance law at a time when people were deeply concerned about the economy. Thwack!

But rather than the steady ticking of a grandfather clock, it seems more accurate to say that the American electorate is like the digital clocks in my house: None of them ever seem to agree on what time it is.

The metronomic metaphor works well in more politically settled countries. Frenchmen may disagree on how generous benefits should be or how strongly to defend Gallic culture, but the role of government is not really up for debate. Conservatives in Britain may argue that the National Health Service needs to be reformed or made less generous, but not that the whole thing should be scrapped. fact that Americans are even still debating over whether the government is obliged to provide health care as a human right sounds bizarre in most Western countries. It has been a settled matter for at least 40 years in Europe.

/But not so in the United States, where we have been having the same debate, manifested in various topics, for four generations: What is the proper role of government?



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