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April 23, 2011 / J. Shaw

Easter Eggs? NO, Called…'SPRING SPHERES

BY Mark Perry……Responses to a Seattle public school policy requiring Easter eggs to instead be called “Spring Spheres” for a third grade class activity:

1. When the teacher said, “Oh look, spring spheres,” the third graders said “Wow, Easter eggs.” 2. Matt Gurney writing in Canada’s National Post: “For this crime of extreme political correctness, let us all hope the school officials responsible receive a lump of carbon-based fuel in the cloth tube-sack they hang next to their December Light-Festooned Interior Coniferous Vegetation this Winter Holiday.” (“Notable and Quotable” in today’s WSJ).

3. No response yet from the White House about whether Monday’s event will be re-named the “2011 White House Spring Sphere Roll,” or whether the official souvenirs featuring the signatures of President and Michelle Obama will be re-named “Official White House Spring Spheres” (see photo above).

What’s next for political correctness re-naming, will “Frosty the Snowman” have to be called “Frosty the Snow Friend“?  Oh wait, I think that might have already happened….  by Mark Perry


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