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April 11, 2011 / J. Shaw

Mail a Million Panties to John Boehner !


I have to hand it to John Boehner. I guess he’s a good looking guy and it does look like he wears make up, plus he is sensitive–he often cries. All good reasons for women would want to throw their panties at him. Boehner, the rock star, who knew? Women’s news hasn’t been this much fun since women burned their BRAS in the 70s.

Turns out this was a story about possibly not funding Planned Parenthood. Only an idiot like Patty Murray would be somehow tied to this. AND only could this happen in Seattle. SHAW 

By Linda Thomas……. In the days leading up to a possible government shut down, one issue had lawmakers from Congress and the Senate upset – federal funding of Planned Parenthood. Republicans gave in and the budget crisis was averted, but the issue won’t go away.

Patty Murray became a key critic of a House Republican rider to the budget bill that would eliminate federal funding of Planned Parenthood. Murray is appalled that, though Republican and Democratic negotiators have essentially agreed to a dollar figure, the deal is jammed up because House Republicans have “tacked ideologically-driven riders to the bill, including the one taking away Planned Parenthood’s money.”

Planned Parenthood treats about 140,000 patients in Washington state. and it gets about $75 million in federal funds to offer contraception, cancer screening, and other health care for low-income women.

A handful of demonstrators protested outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in North Seattle over the weekend. They not only want to see federal funds cut, they also want to see an end to abortion.

Another kind of protest was launched on Facebook. It’s an effort to “mail one million panties to John Boehner.” The woman who started the effort,New Orleans artist Linda Morgan Smith, says she wants to raise awareness for the reproductive rights of women describes her group this way:

“Mail your panties, jock-straps or boxers to Congress to show that we will not have the Tea Party fanatics take away our reproductive rights or any rights for that matter, underwear not not only represents our sexuality but the fact they can kiss our collective a–es.”

“I just wanted to do something to get attention that had some humor and a way for women to take some action. What better way than to mail your panties? Boehner being kind of the anti-Elvis. You know how women used to throw their panties as an act of desire now its an act of protest and rebellion,” she says in e-mail explaining why she started this. “These men are not going to push us around. So I thought this might embarrass them since they take themselves so seriously. I consider this a mass piece of performance art. I hope people will follow through.”

Boehner, the Republican House Speaker, was a leader in negotiating the budget deal along with the Democrat Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader.

Critics from the right and the left are still picking at the landmark deal as the final vote approaches this week on passage of $38.5 billion in spending cuts.


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