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April 3, 2011 / J. Shaw

What is A 'Tea Party' Budget?

The US has a week before the government could shut down without a temporary budget resolution. No matter how we get to the 2012 budget, what kind of budget will it be? More excessive spending? More money for bloated entitlement programs? According to an article in THE Hill, Chris Littleton and Dan Lillback, are working on a ‘Tea Party’ budget. According to the two Tea Party members the “Tea Party” budget is the only approach to spending that will make needed cuts that have long been “untouchable” but yet allow the country to have the money to function.SHAW

By Chris Littleton and Dan Lillback.  We are proposing a “Tea Party budget.” It was quite easy to draft, since we used the Clinton budget from Fiscal Year 2000. Adjusting that budget for inflation to match 2011 levels, an increase of 33 percent since 2000, the final number would be $2.3 trillion. The Clinton years were fraught with hardcore budget-busting procedures and red-hot rhetoric, yet Bill Clinton ran a $230 billion surplus in Fiscal Year 1999/2000. In 2010, the Federal Budget exceeded $3.5 trillion, a 58 percent increase over the inflation-adjusted 2000 budget.

It would require trimming, but we could live on the same personal income we had a few years ago. That is exactly what we are demanding from Congress. They must take a very serious look at where our money really goes: Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, defense and the Treasury (mostly payment on the debt). These 4 areas of expenditure eclipse all federal tax revenue before we even consider any other departments that make up the remainder of the budget.

The battle isn’t over continuing resolutions, which perpetuate Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) extended budget. If the Republicans in Congress are serious about a new direction, focusing on these key areas is the only path. Leaders will make tough decisions: eligibility and benefit criteria for Social Security and Medicare, reduction and block granting of Medicaid funds to the states while at the same time eliminating the extortion process that ties their hands through federal mandating, reductions in defense spending (foreign and domestic) and significant cuts in every single other federal department.

Across-the-board cuts are needed to keep a roof over our families’ heads. Kicking the can down the road never helped a family stay in their home, and will not help the current Republican crop in the 2012 election. Foreclosure is on the horizon and it’s time to get serious about protecting the family by reducing spending, and in that, most Americans find nothing “extreme.”

Littleton and Lillback are Tea Party leaders in Ohio and work with the Ohio Liberty Council, a statewide coalition of more than 65 liberty-minded organizations.



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