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March 28, 2011 / J. Shaw

ACORN Now in S.Korea, Egypt

Unions and community organizations that are rapidly losing membership and credibility in the US and taking thier message to the Mideast and Europe. Why can’t these blood suckers leave the poor people of the world alone. SHAW

ACORN is defunct, but ACORN International, a separate organization, is thriving, according to a message to supporters from Wade Rathke, founder of ACORN and chief organizer for ACORN International.

In his message, Rathke noted that ACORN International just added a new affiliate in South Korea, known as Asian Bridge, and that activists in Prague had begun an organization called ACORN Comrades Club, with which he is communicating via Skype from his home in New Orleans.

“And, perhaps even more thrilling, I have now heard from a number of activists involved in organizing in Cairo in the last several weeks. They are talking about developing a ‘Peoples’ Plan’ for development in a number of the poorer areas in the wake of the democracy debate and want to connect with our efforts in doing a similar plan after Katrina in New Orleans,” Rathke wrote.

Noting the fear on the right of ACORN’s presumed might, Rathke wrote that, amid the new international activity, “Glenn Beck may have simply been ahead of his time!” Indeed, on his Chief Organizer Blog, Rathke noted that three years after he left domestic ACORN, and almost five months since it declared bankruptcy, a recent survey by Public Policy Polling found that 25 percent of Republicans think that ACORN is going to steal the next election for Obama.

“Now 25% may seem like a high percentage to think that an organization no longer in existence will manage to steal a presidential election,” wrote PPP, which does of its work for Democratic candidates, “but it’s less than half the number who thought that two years ago.”    By Bruce Alpert . Jonathan Tilove


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