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March 24, 2011 / J. Shaw

Group Tries to restart Maxine Waters Ethics Investigation


The Hill’s  Jordy Yager reports that there are efforts underway to try to restart the ethics investigation of Rep, Maxine Waters.

The Waters’ case revolves around allegations that she improperly intervened with federal regulators to help a bank that her husband owned stock in and on whose board he once served. For more information on the Water’s case and about exactly what she is suspected of go to a prior SHAWSBLOG:

The Hill article-Public interest groups on Wednesday asked that the House Ethics Committee resume the ethics investigation of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.). 

The coalition said that the extended delays in the Waters case are “unfair to all parties involved” and call into question whether the panel is effectively doing its job.

“These delays, followed by uncertainty whether any action is forthcoming, are unfair to all parties involved in the case and reflect poorly on the ability of the House Committee on Ethics to fulfill its mission,” the groups wrote in a letter sent on Wednesday.

The groups called on the Ethics Committee heads, Chairman Jo Bonner (Ala.) and ranking Democrat Linda Sanchez (Calif.), to publicly announce their plan for moving forward with the case.

The Waters investigation has been dormant for more than three months, and the lawyers have remained on official leave. 

The committee — formerly known as the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct — was looking into allegations that Waters helped secure federal funding for a bank in which her husband owned stock. 

Waters has maintained her innocence and pointed to the committee’s suspension of her case last year as evidence that the case had no merit.

MORE… article  by Jordy Yager


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