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March 19, 2011 / J. Shaw

VIDEO-Rep Young:ANWR is ONLY 74 miles away from existing pipeline

74 MILES OF PIPLINE NEEDED!!   ANWR is ONLY 74 miles away from existing pipeline.

In 1976,  The US build a 800 mile long pipeline in Alaska. The pipeline was 800 miles long and 48′ round. A huge piece of pipe. THe 88o mile pipeline tool ONLY 3 YEARS TO BUILD. HOW LONG would the badly needed 74 MILE PIPELINE take to build? One Year at the most and the US would have all the oil it needs.

 The U.S. then built the Valdez oil  terminal near the sea so oil could be sshipped where it was needed. The U.S. then drilled many wells to pump the oil. All this took place in 1976 when there was an oil embargo and the U.S. had to finf more oil as soon as possibel.

 In 1976 the US imported 39% of it’s oil. Today the US imports over 70% of it’s oil.We have billions of barrels of oil in the Unites States. There is no excuse for us not pumpimg our own oil and using it to power our economy. Pumping now also produces JOBS, immediate JOBS. And we keep our energy dollars in OUR country not going to arab nations. Below  are links to energy stories I posted. SHAW


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