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February 18, 2011 / J. Shaw

The Google Obama Relationship

It is very important to have the Google-Obama administration ties looked into. Google watching over instead of Big Brother is a terrifying thought. Google can go places the government can’t. Google can get any bit of information without going through courts or paying attention to privacy issues.This investigation needs to be in the forefront of newscoverage. SHAW
That the advocacy group Consumer Watchdog is accusing the Obama administration of a “cozy” relationship with the Internet behemoth Google is hardly a surprise. I remember there were two Google executives on the speaker’s platform in Chicago when Barack Obama appeared  after winning the White House, a tribute to Google’s assistance in helping his campaign raise millions of dollars in small contributions online.
I doubt Obama’s organization could have raised all that money without Google. And I understand payback to contributors to an acceptable degree. But when the donor is Google, the largest non-governmental repository of information about citizens ever imagined, the payback takes on new dimensions. Consumer Watchdog is calling for a Congressional investigation of Google’s close relationship with the National Security Agency, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Department of Defense and other government agencies — and questioning the actions of White House Deputy Chief Technology Officer Andrew McLaughlin, the former head of global public policy for Google.


At the core of the complaints is the concern that the sacred doctrine of “openness,” the organizing principle of the Internet, is being violated by Google via its relationship with the government. The two together appear to be engaged in clandestine  and undisclosed projects, but who really believes that Google or the government will divulge their motives and operations? I don’t know anyone who can describe exactly what Google does anyway — and for sure the NSA is not about to say anything.


These  issues are troublesome, but there is another problem. Google is politically slanted, leaning leftward in its public stances on gay rights and the environment — and cemented by their total commitment to Obama’s presidential campaign. I had my own confrontation with Google from 2002 to 2003 as a victim of the penchant to use their power to discredit those that didn’t agree with their agenda. When entering my name in the Google search box, the usual directory of choices was replaced by a full screen shot of a hard Left web site featuring attacks on me. Worse, the negative comments were patently false, verified by comments to the site defending my views.

MORE… by Bernie Reeves
My correspondence with Google was an instructive lesson in obfuscation. The company explained that the site attacking me was receiving high rankings from users. I found that ludicrous. It was an effort to classify references to me in a negative light. I doubt Google central office was responsible, but someone within the organization was, more than likely influenced by the web site attacking me. I spent money on lawyers, and finally references under my name were listed the same as anyone else — and the offending web site didn’t make the cut.
Fortunately, the complaints by Consumer Watchdog are capturing the attention of Congressman Darrell Issa, the new chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee who represents the new breed of Republican cost-cutters swept into office last November. It was Issa who wrote a letter to Google about the role of technology advisor McLaughlin, and he certainly is not on the side of a company that had a lot to do with the election of Obama and flexes its muscles on Capitol Hill to keep the Net “open and free” as a cover to maintain their dominant position on the web — and the attendant political power — unregulated.

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