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February 10, 2011 / J. Shaw

The Essential Barack Obama


Barack Obama is shown to be a man with no depth, no inner strength. I think we can all see that he is like a boy lost now in the forest of major world conflicts. What a time for America to have a president who doesn’t have a clue…… 

I was happy to see the article below brought up the fact that Obama didn’t enter politics until 1996 and STOLE two elections in Illinois, LOOK up the history…. to become a Senator. Obama is shown to be a listless, self-impressed man who is in over his head. Recent articles about important decisions being made  in the White House by leftists advisors and Valerie Jarrett are very believeable. Obama is distant and uninterested. SHAW


By Steve McCann….Today the United States finds itself adrift on a sea of uncertainty; its economy floundering under the weight of oppressive debt and mismanagement, its status in world affairs at its lowest ebb since the beginning of the 20th Century and its citizens openly questioning the future.  At such a critical time the country has as its President a man unable or qualified to lead.

Barack Obama is a man without a core, leaving the ship of state without a rudder in the management of foreign affairs and domestic policy which have spun dangerously out of control over the past two years.  A cursory examination of Mr. Obama’s life and accomplishments reveals a man whose life has been centered around the discovery of two personal attributes (as detailed in his autobiography “Dreams from My Father”): his ability to deliver a speech and his skin color in a nation obsessed with guilt for the past.  His writings and the sharing of a strong anti-colonialist sentiments with his father (see Dinesh D’Souza: “Roots of Obama’s Rage”) portray an overwhelming sense of entitlement due solely to his paternal African descent.

While raised in a sea of Marxist and socialist thinking, these philosophies only served to confirm his deep seated animosity toward the United States and the western world and not as a basis for any firm ideological beliefs.  Over the years his reluctance to promote the purity of those ideologies whenever given the opportunity confirms that he has never been an abject true believer.

Rather Obama has used and manipulated the true believers into being the foot soldiers for his personal ambitions.  The most overused phrase since he assumed the national spotlight is: “thrown under the bus” and it has been so for good reason as in the case of Reverend Jeremiah Wright whose church Obama joined in order to politically ingratiate himself with the Chicago black community.

Out of his Marxist upbringing, Obama has embraced the doctrine of the end justifies the means, but in his case as a strategy to achieve his egocentric ambitions not political ends except to do enough to keep his left-wing base in line. This cynical belief represents the epitome of corruption in any society.  A leader within government or the national community at large who is captive to this thinking must be by necessity devoid of ethics, integrity, or morals.

Relying on his personal and physical traits, the gullibility and support of those desiring atonement for the past, coupled with his entitlement mentality, Obama has been able, akin to a piece of driftwood, to float upon the current until one day he washed up on the shore as President of the United States.

Obama’s early adult years were spent as a “community organizer,” but only for a period of three years until the realization set in that this was not the road to greatness.  He then entered Harvard Law School where his charm and speaking ability ?? resulted in his election as the President of the Harvard Law Review.  This move resulted in his first introduction to fame, as he was nationally trumpeted as the first black president of the Review. 

He also learned how easily the white elite establishment, in particular the media, could be manipulated as he at age 31 — someone with no real world accomplishments — was initiated into the Ruling Class, signed to a publishing contract and given a large advance to write a book which evolved into a personal memoir: “Dreams from My Father”.  The gullibility of the establishment and Obama’s success in manipulating it is epitomized by Joe Biden’s remark in 2007 when he said:

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-                looking guy.  I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”



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