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February 9, 2011 / J. Shaw

50 Links to Articles on ObamaCare

 On Health Care, Justice Will Prevail – Laurence Tribe, New York Times

Health-Related Money Continues to Flow to Congress – Washington Post

Fate of Obama’s Health Law Rests With Kennedy – Ezra Klein, Newsweek

How Health Reform Became ‘Ford Pinto’ Law – Jonathan Turley, USA Today

ObamaCare Is a Massive Mistake – Gov. Mitch Daniels, Wall Street Journal

Corrupt Crony Capitalism – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Was ObamaCare a Big Waste of Time? – John Brummett, LV Review-Journal

The Pathology of Repeal – Jonathan Chait, The New Republic

ObamaCare on the Ropes – Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard

Health Care: The 1099 Repudiation – Wall Street Journal

The Bad Faith of Mandate Critics – Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic

Chorus on Repealing Health Law Grows – Sen. John Thune, RealClearPolitics

GOP’s Alternate Health Care Reality – Greg Sargent, Washington Post

Governors Get Advice for Saving on Medicaid – New York Times

No GOP Prescription for Crushing HC Burden – Lance Dickie, Seattle Times

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Health Care – Charles Lane, Washington Post

With HC Vote, Senate Dems Seal Their Fate for 2012 – Ross Kaminsky, TAS

The States Can’t Afford ObamaCare – George Melloan, Wall Street Journal

Health Care Ruling Isn’t a Game-Ender – David Engstrom, CNN

The Health Care Debate Is More Alive Than Ever – The Economist

Repeal Votes and Democratic Strategy – Michael Tomasky, The Guardian

The Politics of Saving ‘Granny’ – Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal

Our Ford Pinto Health Care Law Takes a Hit – Jonathan Turley, USA Today

No Health Care Rollback – Sens. Cardin, Schumer, Brown & Stabenow, Politico

Health Care Overhaul: A Bridge Too Far – Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune

ObamaCare: D.O.A. – Dick Morris, FOX News

January 2013: How to Repeal ObamaCare – Keith Hennessey

Progressives Should Worry – Barnett & Foley, Wall Street Journal

Health Care’s Federal Future – Matt Miller, Washington Post

Judicial Activism on Health Reform – New York Times

Following Constitution Isn’t ‘Judicial Activism’ – D. Harsanyi, Denver Post

Obama’s Health Care House of Cards – Michael Walsh, New York Post

The WH’s (Counterproductive) Critique – Jeffrey Anderson, Weekly Std.

A Remarkable Decision: ObamaCare Unconstitutional – Ilya Shapiro, Cato

Vulnerable Senate Dems Under Pressure to Vote for Repeal – The Hill

The Legal Future of ObamaCare – Peter Ferrara, The American Spectator

Can Law Stand Without Individual Mandate? – Ezra Klein, Washington Post

Where Do the Health Care Challenges Go Next? – Sean Trende, RCP

Health Care Issue Shows No Sign of Exiting – Chris Cillizza, Washington Post

Ruling Delivers Death Sentence to ObamaCare – Investor’s Business Daily

The Constitutional Moment – Wall Street Journal

Health Reform Ruling is Judicial Activism – Stephanie Cutter, White House

Health Care Ruling Is Blatant Politics – Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic

Florida v. HHS Could Become a Landmark – Avik Roy, National Review

ObamaCare Is in Critical Condition – John Baker, AOL News

ObamaCare Unconstitutional – Orange County Register

Federal Judge Rules Health Overhaul Unconstitutional – Bill Mears, CNN

Left Unprepared for ObamaCare Ruling – Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post

A Stunning Setback for Health Law – Peter Roff, US News & World Report

ObamaCare and the Two Kennedys – William McGurn, Wall Street Journal

Health Care: Command & Control – Richmond Times-Dispatch

Health Care Fallout: The Anti-Democratic Stain – Schoen & Cadell, Politico

Right Embraces Judicial Activism in HC Ruling – Adam Winkler, Huff. Post

Political Consequences of ObamaCare – Jeffrey Anderson, Weekly Standard

Only the Supreme Court Ruling Matters – Greg Sargent, The Plum Line

U.S. Judge Strikes Down Obama Healthcare Law – Tom Brown, Reuters

ObamaCare: A Pivot Point – Rep. Fred Upton, National Review

Thousands Enroll in High-Risk Health Insurance Pools – Politico

WH Quietly Exempts Politicos from ObamaCare – Milton Wolf, Wash Times

Winning the Future with Health Reform – Kathleen Sebelius, AOL News

Signs of Serious Trouble for ObamaCare – Sally Pipes, AOL News

An Overdose of Good Intentions From Gawande – Jonah Goldberg, NY Post

A Succinct & Strong Defense of Health Law – Jonathan Cohn, New Republic

Flimflammery Over ‘ObamaCare’ – Michael Kinsley, Politico

Just Call Me Liar of the Year – Michael Cannon, Kaiser Health News

Why Gov’t Healthcare Leads to Rationing – Wesley Smith, Weekly Standard

The Next Big Health Care Battle – Robert Reich, San Francisco Chronicle

ObamaCare Shows Worst of Duplicitous DC – Star Parker, DC Examiner

The Troubled Health Care Law: Call the Vote – Chicago Tribune

Real Danger is Repealing Health Reforms – The Nation

Innovative Cost Controls Key to Health Law – Ron Brownstein, Nat’l Journal

The Repeal Vote: A Symbol of Good – New Hampshire Union Leader

Health Care Repeal Vote an Empty Gesture – San Francisco Chronicle

A Fake Debate Over Health Care Repeal – Derek Thompson, The Atlantic

The Health Care Congress – Matthew Continetti, The Weekly Standard

Everything Starts With Repeal – Charles Krauthammer, National Review

No Easter Bunny Health Care – Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune

Where is Everyone Who Can’t Get Insurance? – Megan McArdle, Atlantic

It’s a National Priority for All to Be Insured – Matt Miller, Washington Post

HHS Says Three Million Seniors To Benefit from Health Law – The Hill

Health Care Reform a Bad Deal for Young Voters – Ron Meyer, CS Monitor

GOP’s Health Repeal Effort Is Ailing – Eugene Robinson, Washington Post

GOP Begins Work on Replacement for ObamaCare – Byron York, Examiner

Dems’ Health Care Law Will Be Principal Issue in 2012 – Karl Rove, WSJ

House Repeal Sets Up a Battle Royale in 2012 – Jeffrey Anderson, NRO

Unprecedented Opposition to Major Legislation – Michael Cannon, Cato

Now GOP Must Work on Replacing Health Care Law – McClatchy

Remember the Uninsured? – Ezra Klein, Washington Post

The Repeal Vote: A Historic Repudiation – Wall Street Journal

Healthcare for All, Somehow – Los Angeles Times

Time to Curb ObamaCare – Debra Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle

Trying to Repeal Health Law Is Just Theater – Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe

Health Repeal Vote Is Nonsense – Las Vegas Sun

The Dubious Claims of ObamaCare’s Defenders – Michael Tanner, NY Post

To Roll Back ObamaCare – New York Post

Health Care Reform Goes Under the Knife – Kate Pickert, Time

Elusive Answers on Health Law – Herszenhorn & Pear, New York Times

Health Reform by the Numbers – Suzy Khimm, Mother Jones

GOP Plan Is More Repeal Than Replace – David Corn, Politics Daily

65% of U.S. Doctors Fear New Law Will Worsen Care – Maggie Fox, Reuters



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