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December 21, 2010 / J. Shaw

Beware America of Dangerous Start Treaty

Actor/Political Activist Jon Voight addresses Obama’s START treaty. Voight is right on target that this START treaty would vastly weaken the defense of America. And it would another be a big step toward Obama’s goal of American disaarmament.

My position on U.S. defense; the United States should have more than enought warheads to match those of Russia  AND China. To have any less warheads would be a deadly mistake. To match US warheads and Russian warheads by number, another deadly mistake. We can never trust the Russians to honestly account for warheads. And Chinese warheads are not involved.The START treaty does not restrict or account for Chinese warheads. SHAW.

Jon Voight on the START Treaty:

“Beware, America, of President Obama‘s dangerous START treaty,” warns Academy Award-winning conservative actor Jon Voight in a telephone conversation with The Washington Times.

“In my lifetime, I have seen America go through five wars. if America wasn’t the strongest nation in the world, we could have been taken over many times by evil regimes. President Obama is trying to convince the American people that if we give up our nuclear weapons, we would set an example, and all other countries would follow suit. What a naive and dangerous notion.

“If President Reagan wasn’t such a powerful force of strength during his presidency, we would never have seen Premier Gorbachev take down the Berlin Wall. Are we all foolish enough to think President Ahmadinejad of Iran will stop building a nuclear bomb as he kills his own people just for wanting freedom?

“Every American citizen should be up at arms, calling their senators to reject this dangerous START treaty. Without our nuclear might, we are subject to becoming a very weak nation, and what will follow is something more severe than what our nation is experiencing now with unemployment at 9.6 percent.

“In addition, our allies are very concerned for their safety, and they have warned America not to reduce its nuclear power because we serve as their protectors.

President Kennedy in September 1961 – who himself had served during World War II, nearly losing his life – said America’s military might is the only way to keep our freedom. President Reagan also was of the same thought, and he had the foresight not to sign away our national missile defense in a world full of present and future threats from multiple nuclear powers.

“How many more wrong Obama policies will it take to wake us up to the possibility that Obama is capable of destroying our country? His distorted ambition to make a world peace without America’s nuclear might is a dangerous, dangerous proposition for America. We have seen in the last two years that Obama is not qualified to keep our country safe and strong,” Mr. Voight concludes.

MORE…… By Jennifer Harper


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