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December 15, 2010 / J. Shaw

The Future-Sarah Palin, Jim Demint and Mike Pence

This is the third of three posts giving my opinion and various information on Sarah Palin. Jim Demint and Mike Pence. See links at end.

In my opinion these 3 three individuals have the qualities, experience and values that we need to replace Obama in 2012. November’s elections and Tea Party events all last year sent a clear message to Washington This is the people’s government not the career politicians or the political elites. We want the government back. There will be no more busness as usual. The people want small government with small spending.

Palin. De Mint and Pence have Washington experience but the key to all three is that Tea Party values are at the very core of their beliefs. There will be no Washington establishment types in the oval office in 2010. The GOP wis welcome to come along for the 2012 ride but the Tea Party is driving. SHAW


On a midweek afternoon in February 2009, a month into the Obama presidency, Republican Rep. Mike Pence arrived at Columbus in his east-central Indiana district for a town hall meeting, the sort of event that usually attracted a few dozen constituents.

Surprised to see the hallway outside the room crowded with people, “their arms folded and brows furrowed,” Pence shouted down the hall to an aide, asking him to get a janitor to open the room.

The aide shouted back that the room was open — and overflowing. Congress had just passed the stimulus (Pence voted no), and Hoosiers were stimulated to anger. Soon the Tea Party would be simmering.

On Nov. 21, 2003, Pence’s third year in Congress, the House was about to vote on the Bush administration’s proposal to add a prescription drug entitlement to Medicare. In a Wall Street Journal editorial the day before, Newt Gingrich had excoriated “obstructionist conservatives” who “always find reasons to vote no.”

Some recalcitrant Republican members, whose reasons for saying no to enlargements of the welfare state are conservatism, were brought to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for presidential pressure.

Pence told the president he was going from the White House to his daughter’s 10th birthday party, and he said he opposed the new entitlement because he wanted to be welcome at her 30th, which he might not be if, by deepening the entitlement crisis, he produced higher taxes and a lower standard of living.


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