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December 11, 2010 / J. Shaw

We need Revolt, in your Face Politics, the GOP Hasn't Changed

SHAW COMMENTARY…..Not even one month…. since the November elections and the first chance, extenting Bush tax cuts, the GOP has shown it hasn’t changed. The people sent a clear message to Washington what it wanted-  smaller government with less spending. The message was that simple. It seems that only people in the streets will get political action.

The Obamanistas agreed they took a terrible beating in the November elections. Obama jestured that he would accept the fact. that he shouldn’t raise taxes during the longest recession in American history. The Dems know the entire game changes in January when DC will be flooded with Tea party elected GOP.

Obama caved and all was well but the GOP  and the Dems attached a Christmas list of ad-ons to the tax cut extention bill., A Christmas tree gift to the American people with so many gaudy add-on ornaments that the real tree could no longer be seen, the gift was buried with spending for all.Every special interest group got a present and the people have the same government spending monstrosity in their living room for Christmas.

The people are going to have to remind the GOP what they wany each day, stop eachspending add-on by spending add-on. The GOP that still doesn’t cut spending daily must be replced. Dems that havesurvive must be term-limited. The people need to be seen in the streets and be  in the face of Washington polititions. SHAW


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