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December 4, 2010 / J. Shaw

Remember November ELECTIONS?, Give us "Our America" Back


Remember the Novemer 2010 election? It seems like it happened years ago.

To Democrats the it seems like the November election NEVER HAPPENED.

In November the American people sent President Obama and the Washington establishment  the message, that  we don’t want Obama policies. We don’t want big government. We told Obama we don’t want Obama Care. We told Obama we are unemployed and need jobs now. Real jobs not “green” or political jobs. We told Obama to enforce our immigration laws. 

That was two months ago. Since then things in America have gone from bad to worse! On December 3rd we found out out unemployment got wosr, again, its now 9.8%.

We want “our America” back. We didnt elect Obama to change our country from one with a strong economy, strong defense and American values to a second – rate world power with a socialistic system like France. We are Americans  and we don’t to be want any part of or  included in a  one world government.

Not only that but we want ALL of our America back. Its time for us to “just say no” to the political correctness disease that has been  eating away the fabric and traditions of the American way of life since the 60s. 

Lets get on with Taking American Back. There can be no Christmas break this year. Those on the left work everyday, 24 hours a day, to ruin the American experiment. We must work even harder. SHAW.


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