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November 21, 2010 / J. Shaw

TSA Crisis-Power Test by Dictator Obama

The TSA’s new genital examinations and X-ray scanners may be remembered as the end of America….

 The  TSA is taking away the freedoms of the Americans people…..

– The TSA rules are telling Americans that the once you enter the airport security area you have no rights. In that area the government owns you.

-If you decide you don’t want a scan or a pat down and try to leave the area you are “detained.” The police are then called and you are taken to jail. You may also face an $11,000 fine. These sounds like practices of old Nazi Germany. If you are released by police, you will be further investigated…..

These things don’t happen in a free country.

This TSA  test by Dictator Barrack Obama is to see how  the American people react when detained  in a government controlled area (airport) with their free movement restricted How will Americans react to police state thugs  handling them  like detainees in a confined camp?

 Will Americans allow free citizens to be put in jail?

Last week In The Blaze blog, it was reported that The liberal Center for American Progress suggested  ways Obama can bypass Congress to accomplish a progressive agenda, by the president’s use of powers as commander-in-chief. Center for American Progress head John Podesta claimed that Obama can use executive orders, rule making, and even the armed forces to make needed changes to America.

Glenn Beck has been saying that Obama is just waiting for an “emergency” to occur that will allow Obama to use his presidential authority. When would the presidential authority end? or would it merge into permanent dictator control for the good of the country?

I see some Americans meekly giving up their rights saying” its ok if it makes us safer.” Obama is counting on this reaction.The Claim of making you safer is Obama’s “cover’, excuse to steal your rights.

If there is little resistance to the TSA test what crisis will come next for Obama to use the armed forces to implement a presidential directive? Taking over communications? Taking over the food supply? Taking over the banks? Taking over the energy supply? Restricting travel?

Airport security worked fine a year ago. There was no need to makes changes even if any there were increases in terror intentions.  The old system worked. No security system will work 100% of the time. There will be tragedies.

America you are being tested. Obama is watching how America  reacts to  being controlled by a dictatorSo far you are allowing Obama to take your freedom from you. Demand an end to these pat downs by government thugs. Call your people in DC and call for an end to this power grab. Oranize marches and protests outside airports. Mass sitdowns inside the security area at airports across the country would send a powerful message. People who feel they were manhandled should sue the TSA. Citizens should call police if sexually molested by a TSA employee. Boycott air travel. The Tea Party needs to hit the streets in outrage.

The Government takeover of individual rights must stop here.

Did anyone notice this TSA push has taken place when Congress is hard to reach  in not in session.



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