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November 10, 2010 / J. Shaw

Commentary-Glenn Beck Show on George Soros


Yesterday I watched Glenn Beck’s show on Fox, 4pm CT. The show was on George Soros. I believe today’s show  will be about Soros also.

What I saw and heard was a brief history of Soros’ life and his begins in business and desire to create a world government. This included how Soros sets up “shadow” structures within countries. Soros also takes over the media in target countries. Just a couple weeks ago Soros hired 100 journalists for publicly funded NPR. Soros manipulates a country’s currency, economy and way of life through theses shadow organizations until the country collapses or is seriously weakened.  This is where the world government would emerge.

See Link to show Below.

This sounds like what is happening in our country. Many, including Shaw have said before that Obama is not concerned with seeing the American economy improve. And the weakening of America is Obama’s real agenda.

Obama has set already set up “shadow” groups and agencies. These agencies will be in place in case our current structure  falls apart.

Beck has said many times that Obama is just waiting for an emergence to happen or be created that will justify his power grab.

On the show it was pointed out how popular Soros is with Obama. There was a video clip of Hillary Clinton saying “the world needs more men like George Soros.”

 I strongly recommend that anyone who missed yesterday’s Beck show on Soros find a copy of it somewhere. And More importantly that everyone watch the rest of Beck’s series of George Soros today and Thursday. SHAW

–Update– Here is a replay video of the very Beck Show on Soros I refer to.


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