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October 27, 2010 / J. Shaw

Bill Clinton DRONES ON AND ON AND ON AND Nobody Cares…….

Former President Bill Clinton’s ‘get out the vote’ rally for Democrats at a downtown Chicago hotel was the most unenthusiastic WLS veteran political reporter Bill Cameron has ever witnessed.

Clinton was an hour late for the Tuesday afternoon rally at the Palmer House and droned on for another hour, sending dozens of the few hundred Democrats in attendance for the exits.

SHAW-This reminds me of Clinton’s pre candidate convention speech where he talked for hours and no one listened. They hadn’t heard of Bill Clinton from Ark, yet. It was pathetic.

“Well, all we’re really asking for is two more years, that’s a total of four, to get us out of the hole and get us into the future. That’s half as much time as you gave them to dig the hole. Seems fair to us,” Clinton said.

The state’s most popular Democrat Lisa Madigan was conspicuously absent as were state party chairman Mike Madigan and Mayor Richard Daley.

The Republicans said the Clinton visit put the Democrats failed tax and spend policies on display again.

Clinton was in Chicago Tuesday to rally Illinois Democrats behind Pat Quinn for governor and Alexi Giannoulias for President Barack Obama’s old U.S. Senate seat. Both candidates are trailing in their races.



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