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October 25, 2010 / J. Shaw

This Election is about Saving America's Way of Life


SundayI received an email that contained the story and video below. It  is a perfect example of what this election is about: our American Way of Life.  We are rapidly losing this American way of life. It is being stolen by those who are purposly making economic policy that is leading to America’s financial ruin.If this continues future generations will not prosper as ours has.

Our way of life is being stolen by those who want to down grade our traditions, like Christmas and replace them with multiculturism. And there are those who dont want America to be number one in anything but an equal partner in The World Community. Those who don’t believe in American exceptionalism.

I think I heard Glenn Beck say the other day that American cannot stand one more generation of cultural change. That we will soon no onger recognize America.

The email and video below remind us of what is important in America. The video is not just about the greatest generation, its about the values of all american generations. The email’s comments, also below are very important.

 email that came with Video:

This is another “Greatest Generation” story. We need to be reminded of the sacrifice so many made to preserve our freedom……not just our fighting men and women. And yet, there are so many who do not respect freedom’s cost, do not understand that it is at risk, and do not realize that it is being eroded in subtle ways every year.

Please take a few minutes to see this video. You’ll remember this one and want to share it with others. I would like to think that the people of the USA could regain their sense of purpose to do good and to recapture their sense of unity again. Thank God for the strong and wonderful women of the USA. pv

Tip of the hat to PV and KV.


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