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October 7, 2010 / J. Shaw

Flight of the Lame Duck-Obama


JK Shaws Commentary

More pre-election good news.   Spotted in flight high over India is the lame duck Obama. It seems this duck knows when the seasons change and its time to look for friendly, warm places.

The White House has put news out that Obama will fly to Europe two days after the crushing November election results are in. This duck needs a place to hide during hunting season. Many will be looking to lay blame for the probable beating the Democrats will take in the election.

President Obama will vanish from DC for 12 days. He start his trip in India and then proceed to Japan, and South Korea.

I have to wonder why the president doesn’t remain in Washington after the election and immediately reach out to the newly elected politicians. Why not jump-start a new direction for the country? This show of a new attitude by Obama would go a long way toward giving the American people some confidence that the country will finally be headed in the right direction. It would also show that all parties can get along and work together.

Instead of apologizing to the public for 2 years of trying to remake America into a third-world country, Obama will probably find be apologizing for America to the world, again. SHAW


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