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September 27, 2010 / J. Shaw

Rubio, Buck: Political Scorekeepers Miss Point of Tea Parties

Colorado Senate candidate Ken Buck and Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio on Sunday said labeling candidates as “Tea Party” members is the only way political pundits can figure out how to make heads or tails of the growing popularity behind the organic movement. 

The two Republican candidates said they are not running from the label, even if it’s a misnomer. 

“I don’t think anybody can make that claim about themselves because, to do that, you’d have — you’d have a fundamental misunderstanding of what the Tea Party movement is,” Rubio said on CBS‘ “Face the Nation.”

“I think the biggest mistake being made by those that follow politics is they’re trying to understand what’s happening across our country through a traditional political lens, you know, how you would view the Republican Party or the Democrat Party,” Rubio said. 

“Republicans are every bit as much to blame for where we are right now as Democrats, but we have to find some discipline from outside of Washington, D.C., and impose it on our Congress and executive branch,” said Buck, who appeared separately on the same show as Rubio.

Buck said he is among a group of candidates elected to run for office by voters frustrated with Washington, D.C. 

“I think there are similarities, there are some difference across the country,” he said. Among the similarities, Buck said, is a “firm belief that the Constitution should govern our role in Washington, D.C.”

In addition, he said, none of the candidates elected to run against Washington’s business-as-usual approach want to become part of the establishment. What they prefer instead, Buck said, is reduce spending, promote a balanced budget amendment and limit their time in Washington.

“I think the widespread sentiment is that we don’t want to change America; we want to fix the things that are wrong in America, and the Tea Party movement is an expression of that sentiment,” Rubio added.



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