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August 29, 2010 / J. Shaw

Tea Party 'Old GOP' Senate Committee Trying to Steal Alaska Election

We have learned that the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) has sent a team of lawyers and political hacks – including the NRSC’s top lawyer – to Alaska to potentially manipulate the vote-counting process in the Alaska GOP Senate race.

Their apparent goal: to help Liberal Sen. Lisa Murkowski steal the election from Conservative Republican, Joe Miller, who currently leads in the vote count.

Joe Miller’s campaign has discovered that operatives are even calling absentee voters and asking them how they voted, purportedly so that they can figure out which absentee ballots to throw out (Joe Miller voters) and which ones to keep (Lisa Murkowski voters).

We need to fight back against this attempt to manipulate the election process.  We went through this with Al Franken in Minnesota when the Democrat Party pulled this stunt – we can’t stand for it in Alaska with the Republican Party establishment.

Please sign the petition below and then share it with your friends.  We’re going to make a big spectacle of this if the NRSC tries to steal this election for Lisa Murkowski.  We WILL hold them accountable.  Sign the petition – HERE.


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