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June 6, 2010 / J. Shaw





Barack Obama’s mission is to bring down America. He wants to dethrone America from being the world’s only super power and hopes for America to become average and no longer strive for greatness.

Obama’s chief strategy is to ruin the nation’s economy. He is off to a good start by pushing through ‘immediate-must have legislation;’ the stimulus bill, that did nothing for the economy, the Auto industry Bailout, the Bank and Wall Street Bailouts, and huge spending bills. Saving the “too big to Fail.”

 A bailout of the teacher’s unions coming soon to be followed a bailout of SEIU and other major union pension plans. .

President Obama doesn’t care if unemployment stays high, it is now 9.7%, with the underemployed at near 17%! High unemployment advances his goal of the making the public more dependent on government and its services.

The election of Brown in liberal Massachusetts was thought to bring a crushing defeat for ObamaCare and stop further Obama BIG government policies.This would have stopped any normal politician.

Not Obama.Obamacare was passed even though over 60% of the population was against it. Many sleazy deals were cut for votes to pass the messure.Actual cost figures for Obama Care were withheld from some lawmakers before voting on the bill.

Another part President Obama’s ‘Ruin America’ campaign is to diminish the image of America. Obama has backed away from many of America’s allies. Obama also disarming our military with new treaties. Lets not forget the 2 years Obama has bowed and apologised for America to the world. America looks weak,vulnerable.

Barack Obama is not an American. Obama is a citizen of the world government community. Obama  hopes to see all nations, the world community, controlled by elites under the guise the of the United Nations.

Obama has publicly stated that he doesn’t care if he is just a one term president. For Obama, one term will suffice as long as America is no longer free country but a government controlled nation, reduced in stature average country, and become much like a European nation, like France.

Look at the damage Barack Obama has done to the economy, America’s status, and the constitution in LESS THAN 2  YEARS. Will  America, the America we all grew up being proud of, outlive the rest of Barack Obama’s term? Can we survive 2 more years of Obama’s changing the fabric of America? Our way of life?  

I say No.

I call for Barack Obama to resign now as president for the good of our country. SHAW


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