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May 2, 2010 / J. Shaw

What is a "Butt Patch"?

By Jack Shaw

Please see above a new fad? the “Butt Patch.” Jack Shaw has seen alot of things in his fun days butt needs some help on the “Butt Patch.” A few questions. Is a butt patch a tattoo? Is a butt patch part of the jeans itself ot is it sewn on the top of underwear. That would make going “Commando” out. Does the butt patch have a use? I am trying to guess about that. Do young me wear butt patches? Are you allowed to compliment someone who hs a handsome butt patch?

Jack Shaw had his days of fun; streaking, shooting the moon, pressed ham, wet tee shirt contests  butt doesnt understand the butt patch. I need help here, how about some replies!


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