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April 4, 2010 / J. Shaw

Obama's 'Unilateral Disarmament' is Neither

By Steve Chapman, TOWNHALL

NOTE In the article below, this statement is made’That’s enough to turn any country on Earth into smoking, radioactive rubble, and then turn the rubble into gravel.’ This is all well and good but I can easily see two nations, maybe Russia and China, in a joint attack on the US  We have to have enough military power to reduce two nations to rubble and have enough weapons left to fend off a North Korea. The US has to build more weapons not reduce weapons. SHAW


When Republicans and Democrats agree on a factual matter, it is for one of two reasons. Sometimes it’s because a certain fact is true. And sometimes it’s because both sides hope to gain from promoting an obvious fiction.

As it happens, they concur on one thing about the arms control agreement with Russia: It is a big step toward denuclearization. President Obama, who goes to Prague this week for a signing ceremony, says the accord advances the goal of “a world without nuclear weapons.”

Republicans think that is the problem. Through the “New Start” agreement and other policies, claims former Reagan administration official Frank Gaffney Jr., Obama is “condemning the nation to unilateral disarmament.”

Those are the claims. The reality is that the United States, after this treaty takes effect, will have 700 missiles and bombers carrying 1,550 warheads. That’s enough to turn any country on Earth into smoking, radioactive rubble, and then turn the rubble into gravel.

The treaty is supposed to slash arsenals by 30 percent. In reality, it will fall well short of that because of strange counting rules. A B-52 is assumed to carry only one bomb, for example, even though it is equipped (and will be allowed) to carry 20.

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