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March 9, 2010 / J. Shaw

Tea Party Critical Action Alert

From Amy Kremer – Tea Party Express

We have stopped this government takeover of health care so far.  We are now in overtime and our opponent has the ball on the goal line ready to score!  Are you going to walk away now or are you going to stand strong and defend your position so we can win this game?  It is our game to win, but it is going to take all of us standing shoulder to shoulder.  The time is now or never!  We will never have this opportunity again. 

Next Tuesday, on March 16th, the people of this country will once again flood Washington, D.C. to have their voices heard.  There is more information about that visit below.  You can also visit American Grassroots Coalition for additional information on making travel arrangements to Washington, D.C.

If you are mad as hell and want to win this game, then this is what you can do to help the rest of the team.  This is a two week plan and we will be adding more information as we progress through the next week.  Remember, we must take action every single day!  There is no time for rest right now.

Monday, March 8th: Make calls.  Send Faxes. Send Emails.  You can do all of these things after hours.  You can check American Grassroots Coalition for up to the minute target lists and contact information.

Tuesday, March 9th: Moms & Seniors go to local district offices. Take a senior citizen with you.  Let them have their voices heard.  Moms, tell these staffers at the offices how you feel, and how concerned you are for your family!



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