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February 10, 2010 / J. Shaw

Obama's Mission to bring down America, by Bob the Mannequin


By Bob Mannequin,JShaw

Barack Obama’s mission is to bring down America. Obama wants to demote America from being the world’s only super power. His main strategy to achieve our demise is to ruin the nation’s economy. He is off a good start with his stimulus bill, bailouts, huge spending bill, etc.bankrupting the country. Obama doesn’t care if unemployment stays high, unemployment advances his goal of the making the public dependent on more government services.

A pillor of Obama’s ruin American plan is establishing government run health care. The people through demonstrations and elections have told Obama No government health care. Period !!

But Obama feels his plan is the genius and the public just can’t grasp his great concept.The election of Brown in liberal Massachusetts was a crushing defeat for Obamacare and all Obama policies.

This would have stopped any politician.But Obama is not a politician. He is not a even an American. Obama is a citizen of the world government community.

Obama has publicly stated that he doesn’t care if he is just a one term president. For Obama, one term will suffice as long as America is no longer free country but a government controlled nation, reduced in world status.  America becoming an average country, much like France is Obama’s vision.

Recently Obama suggested meetings with the GOP on his dead health care bill. Obama promises to exchange views but vows he wont start over or “rest” the his own well crafted bills.

The day before the health care meetings invitation to the GOP, Obama’s true unbending, arrogant nature was on display on You Tube. The disdain for the public that has rejected him was obvious. Obama’s dedication to Obama rule and nothing else,was in plain sight for all to see.

View the video below and don’t forget the real Obama and what is real Obama mission is. BOB, Jack Shaw.



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