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January 22, 2010 / J. Shaw

What Obama said on Health Care Today 1.22, by Bob the Mannequin

BOB – I am going to go over what Obama said today about Health Care and (Here I will put  what he really meant.)

President Obama on Friday pledged not to “walk away”  (OBAMA, I am still going to pass this, who cares about Ma.) from health care reform, telling a crowd in the Cleveland suburbs that he’s still committed to driving down health care costs(OBAMA- this is my new reason focus on it.Don’t watch what I am really doing.)  despite the crippling effect his party’s loss in the Massachusetts Senate election had on the Democrats’ bill. 

The president, who with party leaders has urged Congress to take a step back on health care reform, downplayed the drama and confusion that has dominated Capitol Hill since Republican Scott Brown’s upset win in Massachusetts. He aggressively defended the work his administration has done so far on the economy, urged Congress to pass a new jobs bill and tried to link health care reform to that issue. 

“Health care is part of the drag on our economy,” Obama said at a town hall event. “We’ve gotten pretty far down the road but I’ve got to admit, we hit a little bit of a buzz saw this week.” 

“This is just what happens in Congress. It’s just an ugly process,” Obama told the crowd in Ohio. “And the longer it takes, the uglier it looks. ..(OBAMA, I will fight for this no matter what it looks like to the public). And I’m not going to walk away just because it’s hard. We are going to keep on working to get this done with Democrats (OBAMA You Dems better get back on this or I will crush you.)– I hope with Republicans.” (OBAMA, had to say that but zero chance.)

BOB – Obama is tone deaf. Obama is King, he will rule one way or another. Liberals never give up. They work on ideas and schemes 24/7 year after year. The public had a victory in Ma. this week. The public can’t stop applying  pressure. The Tea Parties and talk radio must push their own agenda on government each and everyday. Stay on Message. Don’t take your eyes off Obama and Read between the lines when he speaks.


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