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January 18, 2010 / J. Shaw

Coakley will lose, Obama is a loser by Bob the Mannequin

I have watched all the political talk shows and Coakley and Obama are going to lose Tuesday. The election to fill old Teddy Kennedy’s Senate seat is getting is getting wacky and outrageous.

 The Dems political hacks were on the Sunday political talk shows trying to put on a good face. Their candidate Martha Coakley is now losing the election. The hacks are blaming the loss on Coakley being a terrible candidate. That was a good reason to put her up for office. This is a telling sign that she will lose

Coakley is so desperate that she  is asking Massachusetts voters to send her to the Washington to continue the type of work that filled the life of Martin Luther King Jr. King must be rolling over in his grave. She has no idea what King did. She is a good candidate for one thing, for sitting in the back of the bus.

 And if that nonsense wasn’t bad enough, Coakley said that King would want the country to pass Obama’s health care plan. I rather doubt this. King was for equality for all. Why would he want some people to get free insurance and other people to have to pay more than their share?

 It seems the people of Ma. are just much as against Obama’s health care bill as the rest of the country. The people are tired of the health care bill being pushed down their throats. Republican Scott Brown is a fine candidate but this is about Obama. It’s an anti-Obama, ant-government election. BOB


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